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General Terms and Conditions

ARROWS International MeetUp 
Bellow youcan find Terms of ARROWS International, z.s., with its registered seat: V jámě 699/1, 110 00, Prague, ID no.: 075 74 134 (hereinafter as “ARROWS International”) for the ARROWS BusinessMeetup, taking place on March 19th 2020 in Prague (hereinafter as “Meetup” or “Event”). We advise you to read carefully before registering to theevent.  

Booking and cancellations
You canregister for the Meetup at any time before the date of the Meetup for the priceof EUR 350. Payment of the registration price must be credited to the ARROWSInternational bank account in full at least one day before the Meetup takesplace. ARROWS International grants no refund in the case of cancellations,however participant who cannot attend the Meetup is allowed to send asubstitute participant. No additional cost shall be applied in such case. Shouldyou send a substitute participant please inform ARROWS international via e-mailon

Confirmation of your registrationwith payment info will be sent to you immediately after your registration viae-mail. In the case that you have not received e-mail confirmation within 2 workingdays after your registration, please contact us at of the registrationpayment will be sent to you immediately after the payment is credited to ARROWSInternational bank account.  

In order toprovide you with our services, the Association collects some of your personaldata. The Association is committed to collect and process your personal data incompliance with personal data protection regulations. Should you like to knowmore about the data collection within ARROWS International, please read ourprivacy policy .

PRIVACY POLICY OF ARROWS International, z.s.

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) informs you how ARROWS International, z.s., with the registered office: V jámě 699/1, Nové Město, 100 00Praha, Association Identification No. 075 74 134, incorporated in the AssociationsRegister kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, file No.  L 71073 (hereinafter referred to as “ARROWSInternational” or the “Association”), obtains, keeps, and processesyour personal data in connection with your client or other relationship to the Association.

1. General Provisions
The aim of this Policy, incompliance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and ofthe Council of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”), is toprovide the information what personal data the Association, as a personal datacontroller, processes about natural persons when providing its services and forwhat purpose and for how long the Association processes such personal data incompliance with the applicable legislation, whom and why the Association maydisclose such data; the aim of this Policy is to inform what rights the naturalpersons have in connection with the processing of their personal data and howsuch rights may be applied. This Policy concerns theprocessing of personal data of our, partners, event attendees, clients, if you are a natural person, and/or of your employees or members of bodiesif you are a legal person, or of visitors of the ARROWS International website,always within the scope of personal data corresponding to your position towardsARROWS International. All the services we provide are designated for you as ourclient who acts within his/her business or another enterprising activity and/orwithin employment performance for his/her employer who is our client(hereinafter referred to as the “Client” or “You”).This Policy is effective asof 13 February 2020 and is issued in compliance with GDPR to ensure theinformation obligation of the Association as a controller pursuant to Article13 of GDPR.
 2. Personal Data Controller
A controller of yourpersonal data is the Association whereas the correct contact data is availableat 
3. Data Protection Officer
The Association is notobliged to appoint a Data Protection Officer. A Data Protection Officer has notbeen appointed in the Association. You may contact ARROWSInternational as a personal data controller directly at  ARROWS International z.s.V Jámě 699/1110 00 Praha Phone No.: +420 910 058 058E-mail:
4. Categoriesof Personal Data Processed by ARROWS International
Personal data is anyinformation relating to a natural person, You, based on which the Associationis able to identify You. In connection with the provision of services the Associationmay process the following categories of personal data. 
4.1 General Personal Identification Data
It is data which is ormight be, in certain cases, necessary to conclude a contract with You; thisincludes especially the following personal data:
·        Academic degree;
·        Name and surname;
·        Date of birth;
·        Residence / registered office;
·        Your job position (in case Youorder our services/attend our events as a company representative);
·        Your position as a body of a companywhich is our Client;
·        Association Identification No.,Tax Identification No.;
·        Payment data; and
·        Signature. 
4.2  Contact Data
It is the followingpersonal data:
·        Name and surname;
·        E-mail;
·        Phone No.; and
·        Postal address.
4.3  Payment Data relating to the Service Provided
It is the followingpersonal data:
·        Bank account number;
·        Information concerning the payments made;
·        Tax documents. 
4.4        Recordson E-mail and Written Communication 
Itis mainly personal data included in the e-mail and written communication withthe Client.
4.5        Other data 
ther data you have provided while contactingus. For marketing purposes and to improve our websites, we also collect datasent by your web browser, such as your IP address, OS, browser etc.
5.     Purpose,Period and Legal Reason of Personal Data Processing 
5.1       Processing due to Performance of a Contract, Meeting of Statutory Obligations and due to Legitimate Interests of the Association 
5.1.1      Personal Data Processing when Meeting Contractual Obligations
The Association needs toknow and process your personal data to be able to provide You with itsservices. We process your personal data especially to register you as a partnerof ARROWS International / our event attendee, whereas the legal title ofprocessing is performance of such an Agreement. For that purpose, the personaldata within the scope of General Personal Identification Data, as defined inArticle 4.1 hereof, is processed.  We obtain such processedpersonal data from You directly upon the conclusion of an Agreement as well asbefore the conclusion of such an Agreement during the negotiations on thecontent of that Agreement.  The Association processessuch personal data only for the term of a contractual relation between You andthe Association and for a period of five years after the provision of servicesbetween You and the Association is terminated, eventually for a periodstipulated for the Association by legal regulations.
5.1.2      Personal Data Processing when Meeting Statutory Obligations
When providing the servicesthe Association is obliged to meet the obligations arising from the following Czechlegal regulations: Act No. 563/1991 Coll., on Accounting, Act No. 586/1992Coll., on Income Tax, Act No. 235/2004 Coll., on Value Added Tax, Act No.253/2008 Coll. Some of the personal datamay be specified in accounting documents (in invoices or other documents). Thefollowing Acts: Act on Accounting, Act on Income Tax, or Act on Value AddedTax, stipulate for the Association the obligation to keep such documents for aperiod of 10 years. If the Association is obliged by law to archive suchdocuments, they are archived along with your personal data specified in arelevant document. 
5.1.3       Personal Data Processing based on a Legitimate Interest
In case You are delayed inpayment, you do not meet your liability, or we do not receive a payment fromYou at all, eventually if any other damage or loss is caused by You to us, wemay process the personal data also based on a legitimate interest consisting inthe recovery our receivables and/or determination, protection and exercise ofthe Association´s legal claims. We may keep your personal data for that purposefor a limitation period pursuant to the Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code.The Association is entitledto process your e-mail address within the meaning of Section 7 (3) of the ActNo. 480/2004 Coll., on Certain Information Society Services, to disseminatecommercial messages concerning our services and products, in case you have notrefused sending of such commercials. The Association also takesphotos on the events organized by the Association. Such photos might bepublished for information and marketing purposes on our web as well as variousforms of social media. We will not disclose your identity on these pictures,however should you wish to some specific photo to be deleted, you can alwaysinform us and we will not publish that photo anymore.  
5.1.4       Personal Data Processingbased on a Your Consent
The Association processes your personal data generally incases required by the law, if the processing is necessary to perform acontract, or based on a legitimate interest of the Association. Inextraordinary cases only, we process personal data based on your consent incompliance with the purpose and for the period specified in such a consent.
6.      Third Parties We Disclose Personal Data to
When meeting its contractual liabilities andobligations as well as when connecting professionals around the world, the Associationuses professional and specialized services of other entities. If suchcontractors process the personal data provided by the Association, they are ina position of personal data processors and they process the personal data only within the instructions from the Association and are not entitled to use thedata in any other manner. 
This includes mainly:
·        ARROWS advokátní kancelář s.r.o., with the registered office: V jámě 699/1,Nové Město, 100 00 Praha
·Cooperating attorneys;
·External providers of accounting and tax services;
·External providers of IT system, computer network, and hardwareadministration services;
·Touch Art, s.r.o., ID: 29307236, with the registered office: Kubešova 2, 612 00 Brno, who is provider of the Eventee app, throughwhich you can register to our events as well as communicate with us especiallyduring our events.
In addition to the disclosing your personal data as described above, we engagethird parties, such as hosting companies, analytics providers, securityanalytics, etc. to support us in activities relating to operating our web. Ourweb also includes social media features provided by third party social mediaplatforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Where data is collected this way, itsprocessing is governed by the privacy policy of respective platform.
Within the Eventee app your contact information will be accessible to other attendeesof the Meetup. This helps you to contact the attendees of the meetup.  We have concluded with the personal dataprocessors mentioned in the previous paragraph the Agreements for Personal DataProcessing which guarantee at least the same level of protection of yourpersonal data as this Policy. Within meeting of its statutory obligations the Associationdiscloses your personal data to administrative bodies and authoritiesdetermined by the applicable legislation.        
7.      Personal Data Security
The Association hasimplemented and maintained the necessary appropriate technical andorganizational measures, internal inspections, and information securityprocedures in compliance with due diligence concerning the users and theirrights, corresponding to a possible imminent risk for data subjects. At thesame time, the Association considers the state of the art to protect thepersonal data against any accidental loss, destruction, change, unauthorizedpublishing or access. Such measures may include, inter alia, mainly theadoption of reasonable steps to ensure the responsibility of employees who haveaccess to sensitive data and documents, training of employees, regular backups,procedures for data restoration and incident management, software protection ofdevices in which the personal data is stored, etc.
The Association´s employeesare obliged to keep confidentiality about all the facts concerning You, evenafter their employment is terminated. A signed declaration concerning theconfidentiality obligation forms a part of the employee´s Employment Contract.  
8. Your Rights to Personal Data
If You apply any of yourrights pursuant to this Article 8 or in compliance with the applicablelegislation, we will inform of the measure taken, of erasure of your personaldata, or of the restriction of processing in compliance with your request,every recipient whom such data has been disclosed to pursuant to Article 6hereof, if such notification is possible and/or does not require anyunreasonable efforts. If You want to apply theserights and/or obtain relevant information, You may contact us via e-mail sent to or in writing at theregistered office address of the Association.  If You apply your rights,we may ask You to provide us with some of the identification data You haveprovided to us. The provision of such data is necessary to verify whether therelevant requirement has been really sent by You. We will reply You within onemonth after receiving your request whereas we reserve a right to extend thisperiod by two months.
8.1             Right to Access Personal Data
Pursuant to Article 15 ofGDPR you have a right to access your personal data, which includes the right toobtain from the Association:
·confirmation whether the Associationprocesses your personal data;
·information on the purposes ofprocessing, categories of affected personal data, recipients whom the personaldata has been or will be made available to, planned processing period,existence of a right to require from the Association a rectification ordeletion of your personal data, restriction of processing, right to raise anobjection against such processing, right to file a complaint at a supervisoryauthority, information concerning any and all the available data about personaldata sources unless obtained from data subjects, facts about applied automateddecision-making and profiling, information about suitable guarantees in casethe personal data is transferred outside the EU, as well as a copy ofpersonal data if the rights and freedoms of third parties are not adverselyaffected.In case of a repeatedrequest the Association is entitled to charge a reasonable fee for a copy ofpersonal data. 
8.2 Right to Rectify Inaccurate Data
Pursuant to Article 16 ofGDPR You have a right for rectification of inaccurate personal data the Associationprocesses about You. A user is also obliged to announce any changes of his/herpersonal data and document such a change has been made. Furthermore, a user isobliged to provide the Association with collaboration if it is found out thepersonal data processed by the Association is not accurate. We will rectify thedata without undue delay however with respect to the relevant technicalpossibilities.
8.3 Right to Erase Personal Data
Pursuant to Article 17 ofGDPR you have a right to have your personal data erased if the Association doesnot prove any legitimate interests for processing of such data. The Associationhas set the mechanisms to ensure automatic anonymisation or erasure of personaldata in case it is no more necessary for the purpose which it has beenprocessed for.  8.4 Right to Restrict Processing
Pursuant to Article 18 ofGDPR a data subject has a right to restrict processing until a suggestion issolved if a data subject denies the accuracy of personal data, reasons of itsprocessing, or files an objection against its processing. 
8.5 Right to Portability of Personal Data
 Pursuant to Article 20 ofGDPR You have a right to portability of your personal data You have provided tous - to a controller, in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readableformat. You are also entitled to ask for transfer of this data to anothercontroller. In case the exercise ofthis right might adversely affect the rights and freedoms of third parties,your request may not be satisfied.  
8.6 Right to Raise an Objection against Personal Data Processing
Pursuant to Article 21 ofGDPR You have a right to raise an objection against processing of your personaldata by the Association. In case the Associationdoes not prove there is a serious legitimate reason for processing, prevailingover the interests or rights and freedoms of a data subject, the Associationwill terminate the processing based on such an objection without undue delay.  
8.7 Right to Withdraw Your Consent to Personal Data Processing 
If you gave the Associationa consent to personal data processing, it is possible to withdraw it anytime.Revocation is necessary to be made by express, clear and certain indication ofthe data subject´s wishes, in writing to the registered office address of the Associationor via e-mail sent to 
8.8             Right to Apply to the Office for Personal Data Protection
You have a right to file acomplaint concerning our processing of your personal data at the Office forPersonal Data Protection, Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Praha 7.
Office´s website:
9. Updates of Privacy Policy 
Please be informed we may amend or update this Privacy Policy. Anyamendments hereto become effective after their publishing on the Association´swebsite.